What Is Microblading Training?

What Is Microblading Training?

Microblading training is some form of formal study of the necessary knowledge and skills to become a microblading artist. You can find a variety of different microblading training courses by searching for them online.  While there are many different training courses out there, you should always check the course agenda to make sure it is comprehensive and hands on. In this article, we will discuss what we believe should be the agenda of every microblading course, as this is the agenda of our own course here at NeenaJayBrows

Mapping & Shaping Eyebrows

Before you can ever start microblading your client’s brows, you have to become very familiar with the mapping and shaping of eyebrows.  Different ethnicities have different requirements. For example, the brows of an Asian woman will be much different than the brows of a European. Every course should have a mapping and shaping chapter that teaches you how to correctly map and shape brows based upon symmetrical clues.  Our course at NeenaJayBrows teaches a proprietary technique for shaping and mapping eyebrows.

Traditional Art of Eyebrow Threading

Most microblading courses will not take the time to teach you the traditional art of eyebrow threading.  Threading is a great way to shape brows quickly and efficiently without having to become an esthetician to use wax or take the painstaking time to pluck each hair.  Eyebrow threading should be in the toolbox of every microblading artist, we teach it to all our students

Color Theory

It is extremely important to match your clients’ hair color and skin tone.  Without proper knowledge of color theory and pigment mixing you would have a very hard time with color matching, leaving a strong possibility that the pigment heals ashy or, even worse, does not match your clients’ characteristics.

Medical Contraindications

Of all the things that you learn in a microblading course, medical contraindications are one of the most important.  Carving into the brows of a client who has a medical condition, is taking a medicine that is a contraindication, or has not followed proper pre-care will result in less than optimal results and could damage your client’s brows forever.   

Microblading Technique and Mechanics

Every course you attend should teach you the basics of the pen, blades, numbing, and all other tools in your kit that you will need to get familiar with before microblading.  Furthermore, each course should teach you the proper technique for strokes and their symmetrical relation to the clients face. Your instructor should require that you take home your silicone practice sheets and practice strokes for review

Consultation Procedure

The consultation is a time where you are able to show your expertise in the subject of microblading to your client while making sure that your client meets all the requirements for the procedure.  The consultation becomes extremely important because it is when you pitch the sale of microblading to your client and answer any questions. If you seem unsure in your answers because you have not studied proper consultation procedure you may end up losing a sale, or worse, deal with a client who has many red flags that you do not recognize. Always be the authority in your consults and always make sure your instructor teaches you how to do that!

Sanitation Protocol

An extremely important subject, so much so that your local health department will require that you pass sanitation exams to make sure you follow proper body substance isolation protocols and prevent infection and the spread of communicable diseases. Every course should have a sanitation protocol that prepares you for any exams you might take and beyond.

Business Building Skills

You’re about to spend thousands of dollars investing in yourself to become a microblading artist. But a microblading artist without clients doesn’t mean much. You should see if your course agenda has business-building skills that help you develop yourself as an artist and, most importantly, get clients in your chair.
We hope that you have enjoyed this article on what is microblading training.  NeenaJayBrows is an accredited, licensed, and insured microblading training academy in the Las Vegas area providing formal courses every month and the option for one-on-one training.


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