Just How Popular is Microblading?

Practically since the dawn of time, men and women both have been searching for ways to amplify their beauty – not least of which their brow game. Before modern tools, ancient people relied mostly on natural paints and razors to shape their features into desired molds. And if you ever needed a reason to compare yourself to Cleopatra, she probably filled in her brows with burnt almonds, which sort of sounds like the name of a brown eyeliner pencil shade anyway.
But not everyone has the time to hand-fill or draw their brows every morning. Enter microblading, the semi-permanent tattoo-like way of filling in eyebrows. Unlike old methods of tattooing brows in thick stripes of color, microblading mimics nature with fine, hair-like strokes added to your existing brow hairs for a realistic, fuller and/or reshaped look.

So How Popular Is It, Exactly?

In a word: exceptionally, especially if you consider how quickly microblading has become trendy. While not everyone is microblading just yet, you’ve probably been hearing the buzz for a while. Every health and beauty hub, it seems, has a wealth of articles and blogs on tips for your first microblading session, the benefits of microblading, and the differences between microblading and its close cousins – microfeathering and microshading (which are similar in procedure, but different in style and technique).

Microblading has become exceedingly popular in the last decade or so. The exact origin of microblading is murky. There is no consensus on which country – let alone which artist – first created it, although many speculate the birthplace was somewhere in Asia about 25 years ago. Either way, since American brow artists have begun learning and offering the procedure, it has rapidly grown famous. Whether it’s on a friend’s face or in a picture of your favorite celebrity, you’ve probably encountered microbladed brows before.

Why Is Microblading So Popular?

What’s not to love about perfect brows? There are dozens of possible reasons microblading has reached the spotlight, but let’s look at a few of the most compelling.

They look good for a long time. If you’ve met someone with who’s had these semi-permanent brows, chances are you couldn’t tell unless you were familiar with the procedure. Even if you noticed their brows were on point, you might not have been able to tell how they got their brows to look that good. And while microblading doesn’t last forever, it typically lasts 18 months. That’s at least a year and a half of waking up with perfect eyebrows, no hassle required.

They’re only semi-permanent. Microblading artists are trained to create brow shapes that work with an individual’s facial structure and they know enough about color theory to pick the right shade for each client. But in the unlikely event that you aren’t satisfied, microblading isn’t permanent. Some people choose permanent tattoos on a whim; microblading is nothing in comparison.

It’s safe and not as scary as you might think. Not just anyone can practice microblading, and in states like Nevada, there are requirements in place to ensure only thoroughly trained artists can offer microblading services. And if the comparison to tattoos made you nervous, just know that microblading doesn’t penetrate as many skin layers as the ordinary tattoo, and your microblader will use a numbing cream, anyway.

Universal demand: Again, people have been altering their appearance since…the invention of mirrors, probably. If prior generations were willing to tattoo far less realistic arches on their faces, it’s much less surprising we go for the less permanent, more realistic version now.
Brow games are extra strong right now. Even if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest brow trend, you probably know brows are in right now. There will always be people looking for the best brows, but right now, there are a lot more brow enthusiasts joining them.

They just look good. You can see for yourself, the results are great. Who doesn’t want a fuller, manicured brow that actually looks real? Sometimes “pretty” is reason enough.

Microblading is popular and here to stay – for the foreseeable future, at least. And with safe, effective results, it’s not hard to see why. More importantly, Cleopatra would probably get it done. And that’s reason enough to try it.

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