Do I Need To Be A Licensed Cosmetologist To Do Microblading?

So you want to be a microblading artist. You’ve rolled up your sleeves and dove head into the vast confusion that is the internet scouring for answers to your questions, where to start? In our experience, the biggest questions we receive about microblading education are always about requirements for licensure and the price for certification. Many people assume that you need to be certified with prior education as a cosmetologist or esthetician to qualify as a microblading artist. Thankfully, becoming a microblading artist has no prerequisites. Anyone over the age of 18 years old can become a microblading artist without any prior education or experience and this means saving and making more money! Let me explain.

As we all know, the requirements for cosmetology and aesthetics are fairly steep. The typical cost of a cosmetology or esthetician school ranges in the tens of thousands and is a very large investment for most that leave them with student debt. Furthermore, the hundreds of hours that you’re required to complete take up your time to make real money. In contrast, a typical formal 3-day microblading course will cost you $3000 dollars and take up a weekend of your time. Also, when we compare the average ticket sale of a cosmetologist/aesthetician to a microblading artist, there is a stark difference! The average ticket item for cosmetologist/aesthetician is between $75-$150. The average ticket item for microblading is between $400-$500! When you put it all together you pay a fraction of the cost for education to turn around and make double what you would have with a career in cosmetology.

How is this possible? Microblading falls under the same jurisdiction as tattooing since it is a form of permanent cosmetics. This means the requirements to become a microblading artist are the same as the requirements tattoo artists are expected to meet. Usually, this consists going to your local health department and, after passing a sanitation exam and gaining your bloodborne pathogen certificate, applying for a body art card. Keep in mind that different states and counties have different requirements. Please always check with your local health department as to their requirements for certification.

When you compare the two options it’s not hard to see which one is the more financially sound decision. Becoming a microblading artist takes a fraction of the time and investment and leads to bigger sales and more revenue afterward!

NeenaJayBrows offers formal microblading courses every month of the year and one on one training. We are accredited to fulfill all Southern Nevada Health Department requirements for apprenticeship and certification.

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