Benefits Of A Career In Microblading (5 Reasons)

Some people just love precision. The sight of a smooth arched line delicately tapering to a point – now that’s a brow artist’s bread and butter.
Not all artists work in paints or clay. For some, the human body is their canvas, and instead of hanging in a gallery, their masterpieces are immortalized in Instagram selfies. But a well-bladed brow and the satisfaction of the person arching it is its own reward, as any certified microblading artist is likely to tell you.

Microblading is not for the weak of heart, however. It demands a commitment to detail. In addition to the physical techniques required, aspiring artists must understand color theory, facial structure, aesthetic symmetry and much more. For those interested in aesthetics and beauty, and who are willing to work hard to learn their craft, this doesn’t need to be intimidating. The rewards and benefits of a career in microblading are worth it.

So you’re interested in the art of microblading, but why pursue it as a career? Maybe passion alone drives you, but you may be happy to learn some of the benefits of a career in microblading.

Five Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Microblading

  1. You can make people’s day – and week, and year. You can pooh-pooh beauty treatments all you want, but too many people lack the high self-esteem they deserve. A career in microblading isn’t just about enjoying your work. It’s also about providing a service that really brings joy and self-confidence to your clients. The chance to make someone happier through your job is rare, so it’s no wonder most microblading artists brag about this perk.
  2. It’s creative. Microbladers aren’t called ‘artists’ for no reason. Some people thrive on routine and methodical tasks, but others prefer having opportunities to get creative. Microbladers understand real aesthetic and artistic theory to do their work. After all, everyone has a unique facial structure, combined with their own skin and hair colors. Microbladers respond to each client as an exciting new challenge as they create the perfect look.
  3. It pays well. Even beginning microbladers can make $350 on an average session. As your skills and experience increase, your rate can go up, too. Microbladers can make decent money from each client, even when their own costs are factored in. NeenaJayBrows has a chart showing how artists can make upwards of $7,000 a month by taking at least five clients a week. That’s better than full-time at the national minimum wage.
  4. It’s growing in popularity. Microblading – and related techniques microshading and microfeathering – is getting more and more popular. This means the demand for the microblading artists is also Unlike painting or sculpting, it’s much easier to find people willing to pay for your artistic services – and that number of interested clients is likely to increase. Men and women have been drawing in their eyebrows since ancient times, so it’s safe to assume there will always be interest.
  5. It’s flexible. High demand for microblading also means you can work more or less anywhere. If you choose to stay where you are, there are still a variety of settings to choose from, including salons, the mall or even your own home. Each option brings a different pace and a different set of benefits. Whether you take the prestige and job security of working with other professionals in a salon setting, or the power to choose your own schedule and clients as a freelancer, your options are open.

There are several benefits to pursuing a career in microblading. But in all likelihood, a little part of you already felt the flutter of excitement just reading these words. Because when it comes to your passion, the practical motivations are just icing on the cake. If you’re passionate about flexing your artistic skills and improving people’s lives, go for it already! Become a certified microblading artist.

Getting Started

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